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Savannah Abbott


Indigenous Health Scholarship University of Sydney, NSW Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Scholarship Awarded 2017 - 2018 Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Sutherland How will I contribute to improving Indigenous health as a qualified medical practitioner or health worker? I have a strong passion for people with Autism and who are on [...]

Savannah Abbott2019-02-18T15:21:44+10:00

Associate Professor Anthony LaMontague


Mental Health Research 'Employment outcomes following adolescent-onset mental illness in a longitudinal cohort of young Victorians' Deakin University, VIC Awarded 2017-2018 "This research is intended to support the design of sustainable employment for young people with a history of mental health problems, as well as to provide further insight into the role of psychosocial [...]

Associate Professor Anthony LaMontague2019-01-07T11:19:06+10:00

Dr Alison Calear


Mental Health Intervention Research 'Silence is Deadly: a cluster-randomised controlled trial of a mental health help-seeking intervention for young men' Australian National University, ACT Awarded 2017   "Suicide is a significant public health problem among young men, with the rate of suicide in this population being 16.4 in every 100,000 each year. " Researcher [...]

Dr Alison Calear2019-01-07T11:15:00+10:00

Dr David Hawes


Childhood Mental Health Research 'The role of family & child processes in the Treatment of conduct problems in children with callous-unemotional traits' University of New South Wales, NSW Awarded 2006 "This research will examine the treatment of conduct problems in children at risk for a severe and chronic pattern of antisocial behaviour." Researcher Profile [...]

Dr David Hawes2016-12-08T09:55:18+10:00

Dr Jordana Bayer


Childhood Mental Health Research 'A combination of universal and targeted, versus a targeted approach to prevention of early childhood mental health problems: a population-based cluster randomised trial' Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Vic. Awarded 2007 "With the origin of many adult mental health problems traced back to childhood, it should be no surprise that how we [...]

Dr Jordana Bayer2016-12-08T09:55:18+10:00

Dr Maree Abbott


Anxiety Disorder Research 'Assessing the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training in the Treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder' Macquarie University, NSW Awarded 2003 "Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects approximately 400,000 adult Australians each year." Researcher Profile Dr Maree Abbott's research interests primarily focus on the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders and on furthering the understanding [...]

Dr Maree Abbott2016-12-08T09:55:18+10:00

Novel Approaches to HIV Testing for Men


Past Australian Rotary Health PhD Scholar Dr Damian Conway has focused his research on the Sydney Rapid HIV Test Study at the Kirby Institute, NSW, which introduced rapid HIV testing at the point of care into NSW for the first time. Dr Conway was the principal investigator in the study which assessed: barriers to HIV [...]

Novel Approaches to HIV Testing for Men2016-12-08T09:55:18+10:00

Raylene Hodges


Indigenous Health Scholarship 2018 Wollongong University, NSW Masters of Indigenous Health Scholarship Awarded 2017 Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Cairns Mulgrave Deakin University, Geelong, VIC Bachelor of Social Work Wollongong University, NSW Post Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Trauma Recovery Scholarship Awarded 2016 Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Cairns Mulgrave How will I [...]

Raylene Hodges2019-01-29T08:46:56+10:00

Naz Al Hafid


Phenylketonria Research 'Evaluation of a novel treatment strategy for PKU' Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW Awarded 2011 Co-funded by the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills "Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a genetic disorder caused by a deficiency in the enzyme, phenylalanine hydroxylase." Researcher Profile Naz Al Hafid is a biomedical science graduate from the University of [...]

Naz Al Hafid2016-12-08T09:55:19+10:00

Bianca Borchin


Stem Cell Research 'Derivation of skeletal myocytes from human embryonic stem cells' Monash University, Vic. Awarded 2011 Co-funded by the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction "Muscular dystrophies (MD) are inherited diseases characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that control movement." Researcher Profile Bianca Borchin is a PhD candidate at the [...]

Bianca Borchin2016-12-08T09:55:19+10:00