In 2019, Australian Rotary Health is pleased to welcome 4 brand new Ambassadors who will be helping us promote what we do.

Here is a bit about the new ARH Ambassador team…


Cassandra Trezise 

Cassandra Trezise is a vibrant, game-changing, mum and entrepreneur. She is carving out a career in the wellness industry and fast becoming one of the MC’s to watch. Her zest for life and positive attitude is contagious and she would love nothing more than for you to feel incredible.

Throughout her life Cassandra has always had goals and big dreams. Her previous career in the travel industry saw her reach desired milestones but after sitting comfortably in the “dream job” for 5 years and having lost her sense of self in the vortex of parenthood ( 3 little baby boys later ), Cassandra realized life needed to change. A fire was lit and curiosity set in. She wanted to step out of the stigma of mum / wife and to challenge the ideals of “having it all”. She wanted it all, the money, the time, and the confidence. The balance of a rewarding career and being present with her family. Negotiating the challenges of being a mother, a women, a wife, a business women and an individual. The struggle is always there but the positive always far outweighs the negative.

Cassandra has a passion to empower all to change the way they think about themselves, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages entrepreneurship, spirituality, creativity and innovation and lives life to the absolute max. Most mornings she wakes up and pinches herself as to how incredible her life is, but Cassandra is also acutely aware and honest about the bumps and tumbles along the way but would not have life any other way. This is why she is so excited to help us spread the word about the incredible work the ARH do and #liftthelid on metal illness even higher this year for HAT DAY!




Esha Oberoi

Esha Oberoi is the founder and CEO of Afea Care Services, an in-home aged and disability care service. Her mission is to empower our most vulnerable members of society, through the provision of loving and compassionate care. Launching her business at just 24 years old with a passion for social change, Afea Care Services have experienced a compounding growth rate of over 100% year on year.

Suffering from depression in her early twenties, it was when she landed a job in a local nursing home that her life began to take on some direction. Recognising that many clients were in full-time care who needn’t be, she set out to redefine the experiences of ageing community and launch an in-home service. Through caring for others, Esha began to learn to care for herself. By adopting mindfulness, meditation, yoga and journalling, and spending her time making a real difference in other people’s lives, she healed past wounds and overcame a dark period in her life. She is now a passionate advocate for mental health, believing as a society we need to be having more conversations about emotional energy and managing mental wellbeing. Esha wholeheartedly believes that ‘with compassion and care we can change the world.’


Cam Bolton

Cam Bolton previously competed in skiing and snowboarding until, at 15-years-old he was advised by coaches to choose – with snowboard being his preferred snow sport.

The all-round sportsman also has a love of the beach and competed in Surf Lifesaving at a national level in the Ironman, Board Race, Surf Race and 2km Beach Run, becoming the Under-19 state champion for the 2km Beach Run.

Bolton’s first World Cup Snowboard Cross season was in 2011 and in March 2013 he clinched a then career high top-ten finish in Sierra Nevada.

In the 2013-2014 international season, Cam received a confidence boost heading into the Sochi Olympic Winter Games with a fifth placing at the prestigious X Games in Aspen, USA. He continued his good form into Sochi advancing to the semi-final and ultimately 11th place – the highest result of the Australian men.

Bolton experienced a challenging 2014/15 season after many event cancellations, yet placed 15th in the 2015 World Championships in Kreischberg, Austria in early January.

His best result came in December 2015 with a World Cup fourth place (and final) at Montafon, Austria. Early in 2016 Bolton sustained a significant back injury and returned to the World Cup circuit late in 2016 with a 15th place finish – again at Montafon.

Bolton made his second Olympic appearance at the PyeongChang 2018 Games finishing tenth, placing fourth in the Small Final after a crash in the semi-final saw him injure his wrist and narrowly miss out on joining Aussie teammates Hughes and Pullin in the Super Final.

“Mental health among our youth has never been more relevant, or a more important topic than it is today. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and it really can affect anyone. Unfortunately 1 in 3 people will learn this the hard way and experience mental illness by the age of 25. It’s scary! The expectations placed on young people by society, social media, and constantly having consumerism forced down our throats can make navigating life even more difficult. 

I’ve seen those close to me deal with mental illness and have seen how debilitating it can be. It’s so important for us to continue research and learn all we can about it. We need to become more informed as a society, so that we can begin to understand what those suffering may be going through, and how we can better help support eachother. The solution involves all of us, and it is our duty as young people to be a part of this solution.”


Sturt Hinton 

Sturt is the creator and CEO of Frequency H2O and Inventor of LOVE, LUNAR and RAINBOW infused water. Founding the company in 2015 in a quest to create the finest beverages on earth after recovering from deliberating depression. “By creating such a product I could hydrate the world with happiness whilst supporting causes that bring other men who suffer from similar experiences back from the brink, and thereby lifting the spirit of the world”.

In 2017 Frequency H2O was listed in Australia top start-ups, worth watching. 2018 won the industry GOLD medal at the Berkeley Springs International competition in the USA and titled the best tasting bottled water in the world.

Frequency H2O distributed nationally through “Global by Nature’ ‘Organic Life Distribution’ and regionally through ‘Mungali Creek’ ‘Posh Pantry’ and ‘V Gourmet’

Sturt is an official ambassador for the Wesley Mission and Australian Rotary Health.