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 Adopt a Scientist

What is ‘Adopt a Scientist’?

‘Adopt a Scientist’ is a campaign initiative of Lift The Lid (the fundraising brand representing Australian Rotary Health)

Lift The Lid/ARH aims to raise $20 million in Australia over the next three years to fund mental health research, increasing ARH funding of research grants fivefold.

‘Adopt A Scientist’ will be the ongoing public facing campaign until at least 2020.

Additional longer term aims

  • Continue to promote salience of the urgency and importance of research.
  • Lobby for Federal Government support e.g. by matching public contributions dollar for dollar.

What does ‘Adopting a Scientist’ mean?

People will have the opportunity to become a ‘friend’ of the mental health research ARH funds that are donated through Universities, other institutions and among independent researchers.

Supporters can make a one-off adoption contribution or can choose to support research on a monthly basis.

Adopting a Scientist is more than a ‘donation’. It is playing an active part in important scientific research that makes a contribution to advancing our understanding of how the world works and how our minds work within it.

Support for ‘Adopt a Scientist’ will also contribute to promoting careers in Science for young women, shining a light on female role models in mental health research.

All contributions are tax deductible. For your convenience we will send you one receipt at the end of the financial year, for the total amount of your tax deductible contributions.

100% of every dollar pledged goes directly to funding research grants.

ARH is in regular contact with researchers at the Universities and other centres and gets updates from them regularly.

What do people get when they ‘Adopt a Scientist’?

Individuals can Adopt a Scientist from a number of areas of mental health research – from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and everything in between (find out more here)

Contributions go into a total research fund that then gets allocated to grants across the spectrum of mental health issues.

Supporters will receive acknowledgement for their donation and updates from the campaign on progress of the research.

Supporters can also give ‘Adoption’ as a gift, for birthdays, weddings or any other gifting occasions.

Why should anyone ‘Adopt a Scientist’?

This kind of scientific research is among the most important work being done in the world today. By supporting this campaign you are helping to provide the necessary funding to allow us to understand and treat serious problems that affect your family, people you know and perhaps even yourself.

Check out the Adopt a Scientist website to find out more.

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