Indigenous Health Scholarship 2019

University of Adelaide, SA
Masters of Public Health
Scholarship Awarded 2016
Sponsored by:
Ralf Goll Scholarship

How will I contribute to improving Indigenous health as a qualified medical practitioner or health worker?

My career goal has always been to use my education and my opportunities to benefit my community.  My family are Gurindji and Mudburra from the North of Australia, growing up in my country with my people has given me an understanding of the lifestyle and the values of my people.   I have been able to witness the services and the lack of services that are available and working within Aboriginal health I am aware of the current incentives and shortcoming of the area.

My overall career goal is to improve the lives of my people, this will be achieved through improving health outcomes through police change and development.   I am currently employed in a strategic and policy department overseeing all of Country Health SA, with a specific interest in Aboriginal health, it is my role to use my cultural knowledge to make comment and adjustments to new and revised policies being implemented through country health.

I have chosen to study a Master of Public Health; this degree is specific to the inner workings the health system.   My qualifications allow for an Aboriginal person to have in depth knowledge on the health system and be able to influence policy and decision making with the cultural advice being connected to those decisions.

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