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Professor Elizabeth Elliott


Mental Health Research 'Longitudinal study of well-being and quality of life in remote Indigenous youth: the Biswun Kid Project' University of Sydney, NSW Awarded 2018 "The study will also increase the knowledge, skills and capacity of community members, health professionals and teachers, for the identification of difficulties in adolescence; identify gaps in [...]

Professor Elizabeth Elliott2019-07-17T15:15:43+10:00

Dr. Atandrila Das


Bowel Cancer Research 'Characterising Colorectal Metastases and Optimising their Management' Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC Awarded 2019 Rotary Club of Keilor 'Judith Annette Thompson' PhD Scholarship "As a surgeon, I was frustrated by the number of patients in whom the ‘standard cocktail’ of chemotherapy agents was not successful." Researcher Profile [...]

Dr. Atandrila Das2019-07-19T11:29:10+10:00

Kayla Corney


Dementia Research 'Cognitive Ageing and the Interplay between Biological, Psychological and Environmental Factors' Deakin University, VIC Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Bing Taylor PhD Scholarship (District 9675) "The topics of ageing, health and psychology are of utmost importance, in a rapidly growing ageing society." Researcher Profile I am a science and [...]

Kayla Corney2019-07-04T12:00:30+10:00

Hannah Suddull


Motor Neurone Disease Research 'Proteomic and Molecular Investigations into the Diagnosis and Progression of Motor Neuron Disease by the Identification of Biomarkers found in Plasma ' Macquarie University, NSW Awarded 2019 Alaine Davidson PhD Scholarship (Rotary District 9650) "Without a potential biomarker, it is difficult to perform clinical trials to evaluate potential [...]

Hannah Suddull2019-07-05T09:48:55+10:00



Prostate Cancer Research 'Geographical and Temporal Distribution of Prostate Specific Antigen Testing Across Australia' Cancer Council NSW and School of Public Health, University of Sydney, NSW Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Rotary Club of Blacktown City, Rotary Districts 9790 and 9830 "A better understanding about geographical patterns of prostate specific antigen testing will [...]


Lionel Leck


Bowel Cancer Research 'Development of Innovative Chemotherapeutics that Target ATP- Binding Casette (ABC) Family Proteins Expressing Cancers to Overcome Multidrug Drug Resistance' University of Sydney, NSW Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Rotary District 9675 'The Heather Newbould PhD Scholarship' "We aim to develop this agent to be orally active and can be administered [...]

Lionel Leck2019-04-10T10:10:13+10:00

Dr Amy Finlay-Jones


Mental Health Research 'Improving mental health of young Australians with chronic illness: A pilot randomised controlled trial of online self-compassion training' Curtin University, WA Awarded 2019 "Online self-compassion training offers young people accessible skills and strategies for responding to the challenges that are inherent in living with a chronic condition." Researcher [...]

Dr Amy Finlay-Jones2019-03-18T09:26:00+10:00

Anna te Velde


Cerebral Palsy Research 'Early natural history and clinical markers of motor severity, motor type and topography in infants with cerebral palsy' Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Rotary Club of St Ives "I have worked as a physiotherapist with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance for over ten years. In this [...]

Anna te Velde2019-03-05T15:56:28+10:00

Hyo Jeong (Minnie) Kim


Bile Duct Cancer Research 'Synthesis and Evaluation of Sialyltransferase Inhibitors' Bond University, QLD Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Rotary Club of Sandy Bay ' Michael Chivers PhD Scholarship' "Approximately 38.4% of Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime.     Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare but aggressive [...]

Hyo Jeong (Minnie) Kim2019-03-05T14:36:51+10:00

Win Lei (Nicki) Shwe Yee


Childhood Food Allergy Research 'Peanut Specific Antibody Diversity and Affinity During Peanut Oral Immunotherapy: for Therapy Monitoring and as Predictive Tool.' University of New South Wales, NSW Awarded 2019 Co-funded by Rotary Club of Kew, Jill & John Forsyth "From a young age I have had a keen interest in science and [...]

Win Lei (Nicki) Shwe Yee2019-03-05T08:40:22+10:00