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Dr Amy Finlay-Jones


Mental Health Research 'Improving mental health of young Australians with chronic illness: A pilot randomised controlled trial of online self-compassion training' Curtin University, WA Awarded 2019 "Online self-compassion training offers young people accessible skills and strategies for responding to the challenges that are inherent in living with a chronic condition." Researcher [...]

Dr Amy Finlay-Jones2019-03-18T09:26:00+10:00

Dr Mark Larsen


Mental Health Research 'Optimising caring contact: Using text messages to support people after a suicide attempt' Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales, NSW Awarded 2019 Sponsored by: Neville & Patti Parsons, Rotary Club of Wauchope, NSW "Follow-up care and support following discharge from hospital is important to prevent future repetition [...]

Dr Mark Larsen2019-02-20T11:31:00+10:00

Professor Tracey Wade


Eating Disorder Research 'Expanding the reach and delivery of Media Smart-Targeted: An online intervention found to both reduce eating disorder onset and increase eating disorder remission' Flinders University, SA Awarded 2019 "Eating disorders are a severe mental health condition, sharing equal highest mortality rate with substance abuse disorders." Researcher Profile [...]

Professor Tracey Wade2019-01-07T10:06:43+10:00

Professor Zachary Steel


Mental Health Research 'The mental health trajectories of asylum seeking children and parents facing insecure residency and immigration restrictions across 2.5 years of residency' University of NSW, NSW Awarded 2019 "Results from a recent national study of refugees with permanent residency show evidence of positive mental health and psychosocial wellbeing for children [...]

Professor Zachary Steel2018-12-31T12:42:17+10:00

Dr Peter Baldwin


Mental Health Research 'Healthy Mind: A Novel e-Mental Health Tool for Young Australians with an Intellectual Disability (ID)' University of NSW, Black Dog Institute, NSW Awarded 2019 "Young Australians who live with an ID are especially vulnerable to mental illness, yet less than 10% have access to appropriate mental health care. Despite [...]

Dr Peter Baldwin2018-12-31T12:25:54+10:00

Professor Mark Dadds


Autism Spectrum Disorder Research 'A brief, integrated parent mediated intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder' University of Sydney, NSW Awarded 2019 "Over the last decade, more and more of these children have been presenting with features of autism. It has become clear that our parenting intervention can have a significant impact [...]

Professor Mark Dadds2018-12-31T12:12:18+10:00

Professor Leanne Hides


Mental Health Research 'FullFix: A pilot randomised control trial of a telephone delivered transdiagnostic intervention for comorbid substance and mental health problems in young people' University of Queensland, QLD Awarded 2019 "Young people with comorbid AOD and mental health problems, particularly those in rural and remote areas can find it difficult to [...]

Professor Leanne Hides2018-12-31T12:01:52+10:00

Dr Erin Kelly


Mental Health Research 'Preventing adolescent mental illness and substance use through teacher-delivered interventions targeting personality risk factors.' University of Sydney, NSW Awarded 2019 "Anxiety, mood and alcohol use disorders have significant social and economic impacts, due to their high prevalence, early age of onset, and chronic disabling course." Researcher Profile [...]

Dr Erin Kelly2018-12-31T11:54:19+10:00

Dr David Hallford


Mental Health Research 'Enhancing Treatment for Depression: A Randomised Trial of Adjunct Memory Specificity Training' Deakin University, VIC Awarded 2019 "Seeing patients through my work in oncology and palliative care reviewing their lives and its meaning sparked my interest in autobiographical memory, and how it can be used in therapy. " [...]

Dr David Hallford2018-12-31T12:47:39+10:00

Angela Clapperton


Mental Health Research 'An investigation of suicide and increasing episodes of non-fatal intentional self-harm among young women in Victoria. A case of method-escalation?' Monash University, VIC Awarded 2019 "Suicide and non-fatal self-harm among young women are significant public health concerns and there is recent evidence that suicide and non-fatal hospital-treated intentional self-harm [...]

Angela Clapperton2018-12-31T11:28:37+10:00