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Funding Breakdown

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Funding since 1985

Through research grants  allocated  by  Australian  Rotary  Health, Australian researchers have received over $38 million since 1985.

Year Funding
1986 to 1999 $5,520,018
2000 $544,805
2001 $550,530
2002 $667,147
2003 $778,047
2004 $999,629
2005 $1,581,453
2006 $1,712,529
2007 $2,745,274
2008 $3,385,585
2009 $3,416,928
2010 $2,276,635
2011 $2,563,620
2012 $2,162,000
2013 $2,180,149
2014 $2,140,793
2015 $3,249,493
2016 $2,945,000
2017 $2,597,314
TOTAL  $38,767,456

Funding for 2017

A snap shot on how we allocate our Grants, Scholarships and other Funding. In 2017 we have allocated $2,597,314.

Funding Type Cost Number 2016
Research Project Grants—Mental Health of Young Australians

Australian Rotary Health provides grants for research relating to the mental health of Young Australians for up to three years per project.


Up to $70,000 pa





Ian Scott Scholarships

Named after the founder of Australian Rotary Health, Ian Scott scholarships provide financial support to PhD students conducting research into mental health.


Up to $29,000 pa





PTSD PhD Scholarship

Australian Rotary Health financially support a PhD student undertaking research within mental health, with a specific focus on the post-traumatic effects from war.


Up to $35,000 pa






Post Doctoral Fellowships

Australian Rotary Health offers three fellowships to early career researchers in the area of Mental Health. They are the Royce Abbey, Colin Dodds and Geoffrey Betts Postdoctoral Fellowships.   Research relating to the prevention of mental health issues.




$75,000 pa






Research Companion PhD Scholarships

Research Companions PhD Scholarships – PhD Scholarships funded by a Rotary family or individual for research into any health area.


Up to $29,000 pa






Funding Partners PhD Scholarships

Jointly funded by a Rotary Club or District, Australian Rotary Health and a University, PhD Scholarships provide funds for research into any area of health or medicine.


Up to $29,000 pa





Rural Medical Scholarships

Rural Medical Scholarships give an incentive for students to complete at least one year in a rural area.


$5,000 pa





Rural and Indigenous Nursing Scholarships

Rural Nursing Scholarships provide an incentive for nursing students to complete their 3rd year major clinical placement and graduating year in a rural/remote area.


$12,500 pa





Indigenous Health Scholarships

A partnership between a Rotary Club or District and the State or Commonwealth government to provide scholarships to Indigenous Australians who can then use their education to benefit other Indigenous people.


$5,000 pa