Emily Green
Emily Green

Emily Green

Indigenous Health Scholarship 2022

Monash University, VIC

Scholarship Awarded 2019

Sponsored by:
Peter Lewis

Indigenous Health Scholarship Program

How will I contribute to improving Indigenous health as a qualified medical practitioner or health worker?

As a medical student I am very passionate about Indigenous Health and working towards improving the future of health care delivery among the Indigenous population. I am a keen student with a passion of learning. For as long as I can remember I have been eager to understand the complexities of the human body and be involved in improving the delivery of health care. I am empathetic at heart and have a strong desire to be able to serve the wider community and peoples of all backgrounds by providing the best possible health care outcomes.

In the future I wish to work towards improving the delivery of health care among Indigenous communities and aim to support and bring awareness to other medical professionals in regards to the deficiency of health services in these communities. This can be done by first assessing the needs of the community and reporting these findings to other medical practitioners through means of a seminar or health conference. I believe bringing awareness to the wider community and nation regarding the improvements that need to be made to Indigenous health will inspire others to take action and bring to light the lack of health care services in these cultures.

One day I hope to be able to obtain the necessary skills in order to work in emergency medicine and provide efficient health care to those desperately in need. Overall I look forward to what the future holds on the completion of my medical training and hope that I will be able to work alongside other motivated individuals to improve the delivery of healthcare among Indigenous communities.

Current Progressive Report

Thank you for your continuous support and sponsorship of my Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship over the past few years. I am so grateful for your generosity as I am able to continue my medical degree whilst also pursuing extra-curricular activities to aid in my personal development.

The second half of 2021 progressed well as I finished off the 4th year of my degree in my Psychiatry placement at Frankston Hospital. This was an enjoyable and eye-opening placement as I got to experience both acute and long-term Psychiatry wards for the first time, however it was also challenging due to the heavy COVID restrictions also being enforced which slightly affected my time on placement. Overall, I had a great experience on placement at Frankston Hospital for the duration of 2021, I especially enjoyed my time on the Paediatrics and Women’s Health wards and look forward to hopefully working in either of these departments in my future career. My end of year assessments all took place online again which I was able to complete from the comfort of my own home and successfully pass.

As the restrictions and lockdowns continued throughout Australia this meant I was unable to see my family throughout the year, so I was very much looking forward to being reunited with them for Christmas and the New Year. I had to submit an application for a Queensland Border Pass in order to return home which took almost 2months to be accepted. I was so grateful to finally return home to Queensland in November and complete hotel quarantine before being reunited with my family again. Over the summer holidays I was able to spend time with my extended family and friends which was great to be able to see them again.

Last year I chose to take an intermission from my studies and moved back to Queensland. During this time, I worked at a casual job in hospitality and was fortune enough to do some travelling around Australia. I also maintained my study habits and revised concepts from the previous years of my degree. I had a great year of rejuvenation and reconnection with my family and friends and feel motivated to complete my final year of studying in 2023 and move on to full time work.

I have recently resumed by studies and am currently undertaking a Scholarly Intensive Placement where I have the opportunity to work alongside a research supervisor and her team on their research project relating to weight stigma in women of reproductive age. It is an exciting project as I am interested in maternal-fetal medicine of which is the target demographic. I will assist with this project for several weeks undertaking different research tasks such as ethics approval, methods and data collection and resource production. This placement is of great value to my future career as I learn more about research requirements.

I am once again so grateful and fortunate to have your continual support.

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