General Health Research Scholarship Funding for 2018

////General Health Research Scholarship Funding for 2018

General Health Research Scholarship Funding for 2018

Australian Rotary Health and Rotary Clubs and Districts across Australia will dedicate $521,068 towards 32 Funding Partner PhD Scholarships, 2 Research Companion PhD Scholarships and 2 PTSD PhD Scholarships in 2018.

These scholarships, along with the research mentioned in our recent mental health research funding announcement, make up a total of $2,177,444 allocated to health research this year.

Here is a list of all the Funding Partner, Research Companion, and PTSD PhD Scholarships that will receive funding in 2018:


Brand new Funding Partner PhD Scholarships include:


Mental Health Research

‘Cannabidol: a new preventative treatment for schizophrenia?’

David Henning Memorial Foundation Scholarship/Rotary Club of Parramatta, D9690

Gabriela Visini

Western Sydney University, NSW


‘Evaluating the effectiveness of a trauma informed parenting intervention for Indigenous parents’ mental health and attachment quality’

Rotary Club of Sydney

Michelle Kenny

University of NSW, NSW


Depression Research

‘The effects of treated and untreated depression during pregnancy on offspring behaviour and brain development’

Rotary Club of Liverpool West

Noor Saleem Mohammed Jarbou

University of Wollongong, NSW


Bipolar Research

‘A brain imaging study of social and emotional processing in bipolar disorder’

Ian Parker Bi Polar Research Fund

Lisa Furlong

University of Melbourne, VIC


Bowel Cancer Research

‘Renin Angiotensin System (RAS) inhibitors combined with tumour resection in the treatment of colorectal cancer liver metastasis (CRCLM)’

Rotary District 9675

Georgios Kastrappis

University of Melbourne, VIC


Gastroparesis Research

‘Characterising the role of interstitial cells Cajal (ICC) in human stem cell-derived gut organoids’

Rotary Club of Devonport

Daphne Foong

Western Sydney University, NSW


Youth Suicide Research

‘Translation and replication of a successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth suicide prevention and wellbeing intervention’

Rotary Club of Toowong Basil Shaw

Mandy Gibson

Griffith University, VIC


Continuing Funding Partner PhD Scholarship projects include:


Adolescent Health Research

A randomised controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of oxytocin to improve treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Rotary District 9690 Funding Partner Scholarship

Rachel Brownlow

University of Sydney, NSW


Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Risk factors of for Alzheimer’s Disease—does lysosomal dysfunction play a role?

Rotary Club of Adelaide, SA D9500

Lauren Whyte

University of Adelaide, SA


Autism Research

The underpinnings of social dysfunction in Autism and Williams Syndrome: From genes to brain to hormones

Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise, NSW D9675

Kelsie Boulton

Macquarie University, NSW


Active kids: A comprehensive biopsychosocial understanding of factors that enhance and hinder physical activity, social engagement and motor development in children with ASD

Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise, NSW D9675

Simone Thomas

Deakin University, VIC


Bipolar Disorder Research

The efficacy of adjunctive Garcinia mangostana linn (mangosteen) pericarp for bipolar depression: a 24-week double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial

The Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund PhD Scholarship

Melanie Ashton

Deakin University, VIC


Bowel Cancer Research

Improving uptake of colorectal screening among primary care attendees

District 9650 Bowelscan

Natalie Dodd

University of Newcastle, NSW


Brain Research

Modulation of microglial function by glioblastoma stem cell-derived exosomes

Rotary Club of Caringbah, NSW D9680

Susannah Hallal

University of Sydney, NSW


Cancer Research

Investigating novel genes and mutations in haematological malignancies

District 9650 All Stars Funding Partner PhD Scholarship

Erin Lawrence

University of Melbourne/Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC


Children’s Health Research

Development of RNAi therapeutics for Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex

Kerry Anderson District 9650 Scholarship

District 9650

Blake Smith

Murdochs Children’s Research Institute, VIC


Depression Research

An online cognitive behavioural therapy program for women with depression in the perinatal period: A randomised controlled trial

David Henning Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Rotary Club of Parramatta City, NSW D9690

Siobhan Loughnan

University of New South Wales, NSW


Gastroparesis Research

A study to alleviate the symptoms of gastroparesis using dietary modification

Rotary Club of Devonport, TAS

Harsha Suresh

Western Sydney University, NSW


Gene Research

Genomics and Nutrigenomics and its effect on Neonatal Methylation and Subsequent Child Neurodevelopment

Terry Orr Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Senn

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, VIC


Epigenetic Mechanisms of Maternal Immune Activation Research

Terry Orr Memorial Fund

Jay Nakamura

Monash University, VIC


Hearing Health Research

Development of an audiologist-administered psychologically informed intervention to improve mental health and wellbeing in adults with hearing loss

Rotary Club of Terrigal District 9685 Hearing Health PhD Scholarship

Emma Laird

University of Melbourne, VIC


Melanoma Research

Deciphering the role of Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF) in cell cycle phase-specific drug resistance of melanoma

Rotary Clubs of Kiama, NSW D9675 and Rotary Club of Gerringong D9675

Sheena Daignault

University of Queensland, QLD


Mental Health Research

MICRO-SCOPE: A study of diet, gut microbiota and mental health in community-dwelling adults

Ten Islands Tassie Tag Along Tour 2016 PhD


Amelia McGuinness

Deakin University, VIC


Motor Neurone Disease Research

Motor Neuron Disease: Site of origin and patterns of disease spread

Rotary Club of Cronulla, NSW D9675

Thanuja Dharmadasa

University of Sydney, NSW


Oncology Research

Engaging differentiation of immature leukaemic cells in acute myeloid leukaemia

Rotary Club of Richmond, VIC D9800

Steven Ngo

Monash University, VIC


The role of secreted frizzled protein 4 and DEAD-Box Helicase DP103 on breast and brain cancer stem cells

Rotary Club of Belmont, WA D9465

Sebastian Pohl

Curtin University, WA


Parkinson’s Disease Research

Recruiting the Immune System to Fight Parkinson’s Disease

Rotary District 9650

Jasmina Markulic

St Vincent’s Medical Research Institute


Pancreatic Cancer Research

Investigation of novel biomarkers for pancreatic cancer

The Ian Loxton Pancreatic Cancer Research PhD Scholarship

Norbaini Abdol Razak

Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, WA


Primary Lymphoedema Research

The use of High Frequency Ultrasound to describe dermal depth and composition and its correlation with other physical measures in people with and without primary lymphoedema and to describe the impact of physical interventions

Rotary Club of Dural, NSW D9685

Jane Philips

Flinders University, SA


PTSD Research 

The relationship between traumatic stress, problematic substance use and disordered eating behaviours among Australian adolescents

District 9685 Funding Partner PhD Scholarship for PTSD in Australia

Ivana Kihas

University of New South Wales


An investigation of the psychological, neuropsychological and phenomenological distinguishing characteristics between adaptive dreamers and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Nightmares; an empirical study to inform evidence based treatment models of PTSD

District 9790, NSW and RSL Clubs of Victoria

Fiona Henrich

Swinburne University of Technology, VIC


Youth Mental Health Research

Development and evaluation for BEST-Foundations: A  preventative family-based intervention for Children at risk of developing depression in adolescence

Motto Fashions & Rotary Club of Richmond, VIC D9800

Michelle Benstead

Deakin University, VIC


Youth Suicide Research

Suicide and self-harm hospitalisation among young people in Tasmania: An epidemiological study of suicide risk and the provision of care in the acute settings

Australian Rotary Health/Rotary Club of Smithton PhD Scholarship

Nicole Hill

University of Melbourne, NSW


Continuing Research Companion PhD Scholarships include:


Judith Annette Thompson Scholarship/Rotary Club of Keilor, VIC D9800

Bowel Cancer

Local and circulating chemokines/growth factors following tumour therapy impact on the composition of tumour infiltrating host cells and treatment outcome

Madeleine Tancock

University of Melbourne, VIC


The Lorraine and Bruce McKenzie Scholarship

Mental Health of Young Australians

Sleep problems in young people: Assessing impact on mental health, behaviour and educational outcomes

Ali Kodsi

Swinburne University of Technology, VIC



Continuing PTSD PhD Scholarships include:


The relationship between combat exposure, the effects of post traumatic stress disorder and non-specific somatic symptoms

Kristin Graham

University of Adelaide, SA


An investigation of the relationship between serving in the Australian Defence Force and common mental disorders

Rebecca Sheriff

University of Adelaide, SA


Another 18 new PhD scholarships in general health areas are currently being advertised for 2018. Applications close Friday, February 23, 2018. Click here for more information.


We wish all of our scholarship recipients the very best in their research endeavours this year!