Rural Medical Scholarship 2019

Australian National University (ANU)

Young Clinical School
Scholarship Awarded 2019

Sponsored by:
Sharon Green – Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin

How would the Australian Rotary Rural Health Scholarship help with my studies at the Rural Clinical School?

To be a recipient of this scholarship from Australian Rotary Health would give me more time to dedicate towards study, more opportunities to get involved in local community activities and allow me to facilitate a better study/life balance throughout the year. Extra financial support will make it easier for me to make the most out of my rural year and ensure that I have a healthy balance between study, clinical experiences, community engagement and social, cultural and sporting events. I would love to be able to fully participate in what the community has to offer and not shy away due to financial obligations.

Studying medicine can feel all-consuming and seem like an endless undertaking. It can also be incredibly easy to lose perspective and become burnt out, which is something I have experienced first-hand, in my first year of medical school. What made a real difference towards my mental health last year was meeting people outside of my year group and getting involved in my favourite team sport, netball, once a week, which I fully intend on doing this year! Having the opportunity to spend a portion of my free time meeting some locals and getting in some exercise not only benefits my physical health, but also my mental health and wellbeing and allows me to return to return to study with fresh eyes and a positive outlook.

Since high school, I have consistently held a part-time job so that I was able to support myself financially throughout my undergraduate degree. When I started medical school, I had to stop working because a part-time job was not suitable for the demanding workload that medical school entails, particularly for those coming from a non-science background such as myself.  Having additional financial support would enable me to purchase a few essential textbooks for the clinical years, which I would not otherwise be able to buy. It would also mean I could prioritise more time to studying, completing after-hours placements or engaging in community activities as opposed to looking for a part-time job to keep up with living costs.

There have been some fantastic opportunities for extracurricular and after-hours placements throughout the region that, with the support of this scholarship, I would be able to undertake. It would be incredibly valuable learning experience to take-up an offer from one of the visiting surgeons at Young Hospital to spend a day shadowing them in Wagga Wagga. With the assistance from the scholarship, it would also give me the ability to say yes to spending one week in Orange to further develop my clinical skills and knowledge in paediatric medicine, which is an optional learning experience that I’m not sure I will be able to afford otherwise. I am sure there will be countless more educational opportunities afforded to me while I am in Young and I would love to have the ability to accept them.

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