Jana Hoffman
Jana Hoffman

Jana Hoffman

PDG Joe Scorer
Rural Nursing Scholarship 2024

University of Wollongong, NSW

Final Rural Placement – Wollongong Hospital
Post Grad Placement – South-East Regional Hospital (Bega)

Rural Nursing Scholarship Program

Why do I wish to do rural and remote training?

Growing up in Eden, a small town within the Bega Valley Shire, rural nursing has always been my passion.   Living in a small community with limited health services, my vision is to positively impact the health service industry in rural and regional areas.   Experiencing the lack of resources within a rural area, my peers and family have to travel long distances for basic health care needs and staff shortages, I view these challenges as an opportunity for personal and professional growth and it would be an accomplishment to overcome these.   I wish to become a rural nurse for the deep level of person-centred care developed within these unique settings.   Fostering a sense of belonging and connection with patients creates a sense of belonging in a close-knit community which I believe would be highly fulfilling.   Working within a culturally diverse rural community will enable me to experience a broader scope of practice compared to metropolitan hospitals, this offers invaluable and ongoing learning which I strive for throughout my career.

Throughout my degree, I have had the privilege to complete several clinical placements in rural/regional NSW which has been a major influence.   Undertaking the unique challenges and opportunities these hospitals have had to offer, I have felt the most supported and welcomed by all healthcare professionals.   As a result, I am extremely grateful to be offered a full time new graduate position.

I am aware, however, that rural/regional nursing comes with its challenges which I have experienced throughout my degree.   Attending university just months after graduating year 12, I have found the past 3 years to be significantly financial challenging, balancing part-time work, studying fulltime and independently supporting myself.

Final (University) Rural Report

Post Grad Rural Placement Report

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