Kirby Hobbs
Kirby Hobbs

Kirby Hobbs

Indigenous Health Scholarship

University of Western Australia, WA

Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Scholarship Awarded 2024

Sponsored by:
Rotary Club of Matilda Bay

Indigenous Health Scholarship Program

Student Profile

My name is Kirby, and I am a proud Walmatjarri man in my second year at the University of Western Australia. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with an assured pathway into the Doctor of Medicine.

My motivation for choosing medicine comes from my desire to continue using my problem-solving skills and to fulfil my aptitude for helping people, both in the broader community and ultimately within my own community.

I am determined to utilise my future knowledge and skills, not only to treat individuals but also to advocate for equity in Aboriginal Peoples health by preventing and managing prevalent health issues.

I have always had a passion for helping children through tutoring and mentoring. This passion has carried on to my medical aspirations as I am going to specialise in Paediatrics after completing the Doctor of Medicine. This is not just a career choice but more of a personal commitment to making a positive difference to our youth in Aboriginal Communities.

How will I contribute to improving Indigenous health as a qualified medical practitioner or health worker?

When I become a paediatrician, I endeavour to work in rural, remote, and metropolitan areas. This will enable me to become a strong advocate to push for better health services and care for Aboriginal people in Australia. I feel that there is currently too large of a cultural disconnection between Doctors and Aboriginal people which has led to children and families being intimidated of visiting hospital. As a future paediatrician, I will provide this genuine connection with Aboriginal people and make our children feel comfortable and taken care of in Hospitals.

Right now, the gap is still existent between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal People, and it will be my goal to bridge this gap by advocating for a positive, culturally safe environment which will allow our people to have equitable outcomes for their health. We need people in positions who will advocate for Indigenous health. We need more Aboriginal Doctors to help bridge this gap that Doctors are now endeavouring and pushing to close, and it would mean the of utmost importance to humbly be able to contribute to this cause.

Through my work as a paediatrician, I aim to advocate for improved health services and care, particularly in rural and remote areas where disparities are most pronounced.

My motivation and desire to become a doctor is deeply rooted in my own family’s experiences with health issues, notably cardiovascular diseases, and kidney problems. Witnessing these struggles firsthand has fuelled my determination to pursue a career in medicine by preventing.

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