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Australian Rotary Health Announces 2018 Mental Health Research Funding

Australian Rotary Health is pleased to announce they will dedicate $1,598,008 towards research in a wide variety of mental health areas in 2018. This includes 11 new Mental Health Research Grant projects, 10 continuing Mental [...]

Funding Success for Long-Term Adolescent Drinking Study

Previous funding from Australian Rotary Health has paved the way for further research in an important longitudinal cohort study, focussing on young people and drinking. Professor Richard Mattick from the National Drug and Alcohol Research [...]

Patients Know More Today About Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors

A new Australian Rotary Health funded study suggests an improvement in knowledge of Colorectal Cancer risk factors over the last five years. Funding Partner PhD Scholarship recipient Natalie Dodd has recently published her research findings [...]

Ian Scott PhD Scholar research into antipsychotic use in childhood

Australian Rotary Health Ian Scott PhD Scholarship recipient, Michael De Santis, recently completed a study into the potential life-long impacts early antipsychotic drug use in childhood and adolescents have on depression, anxiety and hyperactivity. His [...]