Postdoctoral Fellowship Application and Guidelines

Postdoctoral Fellowship Application & Guidelines

“Improving the Mental Health of 0-12 year olds”

Australian Rotary Health invites applications from individuals holding a PhD looking to build a research career in the area of mental health for a POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP. This fellowship may be at any University or Research Institute in AUSTRALIA, undertaking relevant research in the area defined.

Guidelines can be downloaded here or viewed below.


General Standard of Fellowship

Up to three Postdoctoral Fellowships will be awarded. The Fellowships will be named after the first three chairs of Australian Rotary Health – Royce Abbey, Geoffrey Betts, Colin Dodds.

A Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to conceive of and carry out research independently or as part of a team of researchers. The Fellow is expected to make contributions to research and to continue to develop relevant research expertise and leadership.

This will include:

  • Conceptualising and conducting original research either independently or as a member of a team.
  • Playing a significant role in research projects including, where appropriate, leadership of research teams and management of projects.
  • Attendance and presentation of research data at conferences and seminars.
  • Production of high-quality publications derived from the Fellow’s research.
  • Successful preparation, or contribution to the preparation, of research proposal submissions to external funding bodies (including internationally) and other agencies.
  • Supervision, training and guidance of research support staff involved in the Fellow’s research and research area.
  • Co-supervision and, where appropriate, supervision of honours and postgraduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows who are working on projects in the Fellow’s area of research.
  • Involvement in other professional activities.
  • Responsibility for financial management of grants.
  • Establish contract research and consultancies with health-related industries and government bodies.

Requirements and Skill Base

The Fellow will have the following skill base:

  • Hold a doctorate in an appropriate discipline; applicants must have confirmation of successful completion prior to interviews on Thursday 14th September 2023 by zoom. Interviews will not be offered to anyone not likely to meet this deadline.
  • Be actively engaged in research related to “Improving the mental health of 0-12 year olds”.
  • Show evidence of original intellectual input into research.
  • Show evidence of high-quality research output, which is published and presented in appropriate national and international foray.
  • Show evidence of ability to undertake collaborative research.
  • Be involved in the peer review of manuscripts and project funding applications.
  • Show evidence of a growing national reputation.
  • Be involved in other professional activities.

How to Apply

  • An on-line application can be obtained from the ARH website located at
  • All correspondence and enquiries should be addressed to: Australian Rotary Health, PO Box 6161, Norwest, NSW, 2153, email Jennifer Towe phone 02 8837 1900.
  • Attach with the application, (i) academic transcript and (ii) curriculum vitae, to the Administrative Officer of your Institution to then forward to Jenny Towe at
  • The fellowship applicant must also arrange for three referees reports to be sent DIRECTLY to Australian Rotary Health by the closing date of the application.
  • The closing date for applications is 1st July 2023

Instructions for Applicants

  • The Postdoctoral Fellowship shall be open to individuals who hold a doctorate in an appropriate discipline.
  • The appointee would be expected to have a strong commitment to research in “Improving the Mental Health 0-12 year olds” and to provide academic leadership in this area.
  • Applications which are not relevant to this field of mental health will not be accepted.

The appointment will be made on the basis of merit of the candidate and of the project. Applications will be evaluated on the following:

  • Academic Record.
  • Research Experience and Publications.
  • Quality of the Proposed Research and Institution.
  • Suitability of the Intended Supervisor(s) and Institution.
  • Suitability of the Applicant for Research Training.
  • Scientific Merit.
  • Quality of Research Partnerships.
  • Relevance to Community-Based Interventions.

The attention of applicants is drawn to the following features of the application form:

  • The application should be complete in itself. Do not assume that the person reading it will have access to any of your previous applications.
  • It is in your interest to be precise and concise in your application.
  • The minimum size typeface to be used is 12pt.
  • Do not add annexes or other documents to this application except those requested.

The importance of explaining your methodology and the need for detailed descriptions of your research is stressed.

Fellowship Conditions

Specific conditions may be laid down in some instances at the discretion of the Board and/or its Research Committee.

  • The project on which a candidate proposes to work must be approved by the Head of the candidate’s Department.
  • The appointee will normally be required to take up his/her appointment within six months of the offer of the award.
  • The Fellow will be required to give full time to the research project, which may well involve collaboration with others including postgraduate students.
  • No salary on-costs or project/university infrastructure funds will be awarded. It is expected that the candidate’s salary will be supported by external funds and their university department. This is a signed commitment of the university.
  • The total amount provided by Australian Rotary Health is $125,000 p.a. This equates to $100,000 salary and $25,000 project costs. No additional on-costs or infrastructure can be provided by ARH.


  • The Postdoctoral Fellowship will be funded for one year in the first instance and will be extended for up to three years dependant on the receipt of satisfactory annual progress reports. Progress will be assessed by means of submission by the incumbent of a research report at the end of each year, as determined by the Australian Rotary Health Research Committee.
  • Annual reports are required on a prescribed form. These reports will be used for public relations and to assist the Research Committee. A final report is to be submitted on completion of the project.


  • All publications emanating from an approved project must acknowledge Australian Rotary Health and copies must be forwarded to Australian Rotary Health.

Eligibility Requirement:

Applicants must be an Australian citizen or have Permanent Resident Status. Applicants are to provide, where appropriate, evidence of resident status


  • All applicants, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, will be notified by mail in November/ December 2023. All individuals who are successful with a fellowship application to NHMRC must advise Australian Rotary Health immediately.

Applicants must be available to attend an interview by zoom on Thursday 14th September 2023 at a time to be provided.

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